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November 17, 2014


This is very hard. JoAnnA was the sweetest soul sister, kindred spirit sister, encourager, peacekeeper, mixed media artist extraordinaire. You are in heaven now with your Heavenly Father, and Lord Jesus, with the angels attending.
We will meet you in heaven some day.
Sleep in sweet peace,sweet one, until then.
To all of those who come here, I have made a special post on my blog for JoAnnA.

I miss you Joanna :(

Sleep in Peace dear art sister

Your spirit has been a gift! I loved the online class I took with you and your generosity and kindness~ I hope and pray for you and your hubby~ xoxo

when did our precious friendship begin? how many years? i fell in love with you the moment we met. we have shared so much and exchanged so much... i was overwhelmed with you talent, but more so with your love of sharing what you created and encouraging us to "play"...

as we learned of your cancer and journeyed with you and ron during the overwhelming deluge of health ills.. we tried to encourage you and find some sanity to this crisis.. we barter and bargain. we have highs and lows...

i am so happy you have christ in your life. He embraces you! trust HIM.. i walk along side of you. i and your hordes of friends surround you and smother you with love. thank you for enhancing my life..joanna.. it is not good bye... we will meet again my dearest friend..

Dear Joanna ,

I have just found out about your cancer returning . You are one of the bravest and courageous people i know . You have kept going when others may of given up .You are a true inspiration . You are giving and loving in so many ways . I have your art work all over my house . Remember the 3 canvases with the dolls dresses on , i fell in love and just had to have them . I also remember on several occasions that you telephoned me in England , i'm going back a few years now . You even named a collage sheet after Hollie my daughter . A lot has happened in my life since then .
And even more in your life . The one thing i will always treasure is that i am very privileged to call you my friend . Sending you and Ron and the family all my prayers whichever road you take next it will not be the end . I hope you are not suffering too much pain .
Love to you Joanna , big hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lorraine from England

Hello Joanna, I found your blog through a post on Diana Frey's blog. I am sending hugs and healing thoughts to you as you face more treatment. May God show you the way. Love Linda Morgan

Dear Joanna, I am not your friend on facebook and I keep visiting your blog to see how you are doing.
I feel so much optimism and positive energy in this post that in return, it makes it easier for me to send you all my positive and healing energy. I hope with all my heart that this journey will have a happy end soon. For you and your husband. That your strength will endure and that your spirits be high!

Dear JoAnna,
Its been awhile since I had checked in on your blog since I don't have a personal facebook. I am so sorry friend for the return of this difficult battle. You are in my heart, thoughts and prayers for strength, courage, bravery and peace (of which you continually display). Hold on to the One who carries you through.

God Bless you'! take care!

Looks like I just need to be more patient. (The matter is resolving, in spite of me.)


Not sure why my previous post is out of date order with the rest of them. My late December post is making it's debut prior to the November posting. I hope you find it! (I'm so "techno-unsaavy", that I'm sure whatever happened to make this happen, was caused by me.


Hi Joanna,

It has been a long time since we have been in touch. I was saddened to read your post and learn of your current health challenges, but I agree, with the many other postings. You are amazingly strong and a person very close to your creator. (Maybe that is why you are so creative.) I think of you often though, when I am in my art room, surrounded by your beautiful creations, that I purchased over the years. You have been and continue to be an inspiration and I value your work. I think the last time we spent together was up at UCSF, when Ron was there receiving treatment and you had just gotten over the challenge of your fear of crossing bridges (important, so you could get in and out of San Francisco). Sometime after that, I entered one of your contests, with my essay about my experience with my sister who had Down syndrome, and your sister (?), I think picked me as a winner. I won one of your class instruction videos, but I couldn't decide (as they were all so good) and I never ended up telling you which one I wanted. If you still have the one that teaches the drawing of your signature rose, I would be happy to purchase that one now. (In a few months, I will have to have a total hip replacement and I've always wanted to try my hand at creating that rose, but doubt it will come close to yours.) Next, I'd heard you had moved to Arizona to be closer to Ron's family. I hoped that would be a good move for you, under the circumstances, but also realized the loss you would experience. I remember reading postings, that indicated that you were making the best of the transition. (Not surprising, that you would do something like that.) Joanna, you are a very resilient, creative and inspirational person. I'm so sorry we have not kept in touch again, until now. I am sending you really strong, good health energy thoughts and prayers. Know you are an amazing woman, who makes the world a better place!

Love to you on this Christmas Eve. May 2015 bring you many blessings, especially those of good health.

Sending blessings and healing wishes your way! Tammy

This time of year I gather my special ornaments from Deryn's swap and I think of everyone as I hang their ornament.
I am so sorry to hear your news-please take care of yourself!

You have a really nice face profile...Wouldn't it be fun to have a wall of family faces... I'm praying for that miracle by the way. Grace and peace to you

you are FOREVER in my prayers, and have been. warm love to you Joanna

Dear JoAnna,

I am so sorry you're having to go through this. Your attitude is amazing and I'm sure it's your faith in Christ that enables you.

I don't know if you'll remember me, but I reached out to you years ago as a breast cancer survivor when you shared you had cancer. You and I exchanged e-mails and then later talked on the phone. One time. I always look back on that call with some regret and sadness because altho my heart was in the right place, I think I assumed that what I thought was helpful for me, was not that at all for you. Sigh. I have learned a lot since then, and hopefully would be a better listener and less of a sharer with others. If you do remember, and if I caused you any pain...I want to say how very sorry I am and that it was not intentional. Praying for you and your dear husband....

I am so so sad that your canncer has returned. Not fair. i have been thinking so much about you since your last post. You have been through so much already with the loss of your mother, Ron's illness, the move to Arizona. but I truly admire your decision to keep fighting. know that I am heartbrojen and admire you. we need you, we need your creative energy.

This is a very brave journey you are on, and you are such an inspiration to so many. Sending loving, healing thoughts your way.

You are very generous to share your journey with people. It's a difficult process; sending prayers and hope.

Thank you for the update Joanna. I see your beautiful optimism in these words and I keep you in my prayers always. I'll friend you on facebook so I can keep up there too. God bless you so much. Diane

BLESSINGS and LOVE and PRAYERS and POSITIVE thoughts for you Joanna. oxox

I'll be praying for you - can I just say you look cute as a button in that photo.

Could you post your Facebook link?

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