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May 03, 2014


More tham beautiful! Thank you!

Everyone is talking about Zentangle right now but I find it rather intimidating as it "seems" that it has to be so perfect & stylised & in some ways like a competition to come up with the most complex. I always doodled from a young age & (much to My teachers' frustration in class), I found it not only fun & relaxing but it also helped me concentrate, 'zone out' if you like... I actually took in much more of what teachers were telling us!! Your ideas & how/where to begin are refreshing & so inspiring. You make it seem accessible, something I may be able to try without pressure of "is it right?" constantly interrupting the creativity... ty. C☺

Thanks for sharing your process! It!s inspiring to see each step! And the results are lovely!

Love the colors you have used!!!

Fantastic! love your colors.

Love your use of color! Soft yet sooooooveryinteresting. I would love to do this! Thanks for sharing!

Lovely .. Joanna...really had so much fun reading this.. xo

You make it look so easy!!

I love this piece soooooo much, Joanna! It's almost as if you found a way to lay your soul out on paper. That you documented the entire process makes it that much more beautiful to me. Thank you for sharing your amazing art with the world!! XOXO

Dearest Joanna,
this new venture for you, is showing your amazing feeling and ability , of doing art, whatever you turn to, of different materials, and ideas.
I know I already told you on fb. but I find your doodle art so gorgeous and beautiful, now even more after having had the chance to read some of your prayers, and the pasages from the book.
What a wonderful new adventure, my friend-
Thank you for the tutorial.
Love from Dorthe

Absolutely magical!! Thank s for sharing!! Have a glorious day !! Hugs!

Thanks for the fun tutorial. Very fun and detailed, I love it. The book sounds wonderful. Great to hear from you. Diane

Great step out tutorial. The ones that you showed before on Facebook were just amazing. This looks like fun :) Laura

Oh how I love what you have posted ! I am going to try this ... I am trying to get back into creating something and this would be perfect !! Thank you so much for the how to get started !!

Thank you Joanna for sharing. My heart is so heavy and I hope I am going to lighten it by sitting down and "doodling the Joanna way" Hugs!!!!!

Love your doodles. I think your writing adds the perfect personal touch. Your tutorial is clear and easy to follow.

Joanna, these are just beautiful. I find them so much more artistic and engaging than Zentangles in black and white, even the ones in color. I love how you've added meaningful text throughout. Just awesome. xo

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