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January 26, 2014


Thank you ♥ I needed to read this, thank you for sharing.

JoAnna I met you at a class you taught last year at Art Unraveled. I have to admit I fell in love with your spirit, your heart, your honesty. You have given so much of yourself to the world and we are better for it. Prayers, prayers, prayers, and good light!

JoAnnA, So happy to see you posting on your blog again. I don't know you at all and yet I feel I do through your blog, and through your artwork. You are one of the reasons I started mixed media and collage art, your work is so inspiring. I hope to hear you on your blog for a very long time. Your beautiful soul shows through each and every piece of art you do. Many blessings to you!

I fell in love with your style when I first saw your fairies... My style was similar but restrained... taking your classes has given wings to my work and I enjoy the abandon I feel now to create from my heart instead of trying to figure out what people want...Thank-you. I understand the need to paint on canvas. I have 5 canvases waiting (for a few years now) for me to take the first step. (Perhaps I'm waiting for you to offer a class) I am so sorry to hear about your illness. I have a friend who was given a few months to live 14 years ago...She went to the Hippocrates Institute now located in Florida. She is 80% raw vegan and is the picture of health. I'm so glad you aren't giving up. I will be praying for you and looking forward to seeing your paintings. and taking your classes

as i whizzed through down to the bottom here...i couldn't help but see that OF COURSE i have had the same thoughts as many others about you, Joanna. you sparked something in me long ago when you lived in the west, very near Newcastle, ca. where i am still. you have the most beautiful art on earth showing up everywhere.
the task now, will be that it shall add to your living history.
you have been in my prayers and shall remain for the rest of MY days. Love to you BEAUTIFUL SOUL, wanda xo

My dear Joanna... we have never met ...but I check your blog regularly and am soooo happy to see you back.

Your comment..."I am feeling a bit anxious to accomplish something that has meaning. Would love to leave something behind that speaks to others" ... has me slapping my palm against my forehead... are you kidding me???? do you have any idea how much meaning and inspiration your art has brought to all who have seen it???? Girl, believe me, your art "speaks" ... it speaks loud and clear! it speaks of heart, it speaks of love, it speaks of joy, it speaks of happiness, but most of all it speaks of Gods creativity shining through your eyes and hands.
you bring tears to my eyes.

Hi Joanna, I am so sorry to hear this, and I am so sorry to hear about your friend. You have always been such an inspiration to me, I love your beautiful work. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I really missed your blog postings. Take care. Hugs, Terri

beautiful honest post! it's always refreshing when someone talks about real life on their blogs. It makes you feel like there are others out there who have issues/struggles too-that every blogger isn't living a perfect life. Just keep doing what you do-it inspires more than you know. as does your art!

Hi JoAnna, I was cleaning out my inbox and found a note from you back in 2009! :o) I am sorry to hear about your health challenge and death of your friend. I know you will continue to handle your life with grace and honesty. I will include you on my prayer list. I remember the post back then when you mentioned someone said you shouldn't share your personal life, but glad you are doing as you please! You and Ron went through a lot back then for sure. You look fabulous by the way! Many good healthy blessings to you and Ron. ♥ Lori

Yeah shes back! I looked for u all the time! U don't even know me but your artwork always inspires me so i was waiting for u, little did i know u had health stuff, i am a 30+ years as a hospice nurse, my body gave out so art has become my sanity, i know art will do the same for u, u already have made an impact, so many people speak so highly of u and your art, please know that, all u need to do is embrace every minute everyday and love your family and dance and know how blessed u are, tx for always sharing and inspiring, aloha, angi in hana

Hello my dear Joanna,
Yes I have also missed you blogging ,and was so very sad when you deleted all ,some years ago,- but you needed to do that for your own sake back then- and that`s it!!
I`m so happy you are on fb and if you will post here more often it will be a favorite blog of mine again!
Wearing our masks is truly sometimes dangerous, and at least make our own lives a parody, on whom we really are... the true you -me- with whom we should be proud and show to the world. I`m so proud of you, that you have left your masks behind!!!
You are a remarcable woman, in every way,-your art ,your way of coping with what have been thrown apon you and Ron those last many years, and your love for your friends alwayes. Even we don`t speak together as much as before ,you are one of my dearest friends from blogland Joanna.
I wish and hope you will have many,many years to live your life without the masks ,and to paint and create all your wonders ... I pray for that, dear friend.

Joanna you gave been an inspiration to me since I first met you and took your class at AG.
You will always be with me and I think you have been very brave all along:)
You have already made a difference, maybe you just don't realize it yet.
Hugs and love, Marilou

Dear Joanna, you have always seemed authentic with me - you are inherently an honest soul. Your art is amazing and reflects the beauty you are. I can't help but think of you often because your amazing creations are scattered throughout my home - bedroom, studio, bathroom, living room - no matter where I go there you are.. :) I love reading your posts on FB and here as well and may the Lord bless you every single day with joy and peace. Big hug sweetness. XOXO Antonia

God really helped you put together an amazing post Jo. You have been (since 2001) an inspiration to me, you are an inspiration to me today, and you will always be a voice inside my head as long as I'm here on this early plane. I look forward to spending an eternity with such a wonderful friend as you! This song by Matthew West speaks to me on so many levels!! Thank you for including it in your post… what a blessing!!! Live and love with all your heart Jo! Can't wait to read more from you.

Beautifully said!

Hey Joanna
I first came to your blog because I loved your honest writing about your family and your life. I have missed not seeing you here for so long. I wish you would come on more often. We can all help each other even if we never meet. I am confused by the first part of your post. Are you saying you have cancer again? By the way I love the things you create, I know they are from the heart.

you are an amazing woman. you are also in my prayers every night. keep painting my dear. xoxo carlanda

You go, girl! I get alot of inspiration from Mary Ann Moss (dispatchla) - different kind of painting (in a journal) but makes me want to try plus she's a hoot!
PS - got steamrolled by a promoter last summer - ain't got no time for that!

You're truly an inspiration, Joanna. Thank you for being YOU :)


I really enjoyed this post.. your quote really about masks really speaks to each of us in some way in our lives whether we are artists or not.
“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” E. Tolle


You have created such a thoughtful body of work, a legacy from your heart. I can understand the need to work from deep in your soul, something that outwardly shows, you cared, you wanted more for those around you. Your spirit shines bright, allow it to warm you.
Big Hugs,

The artist in you shines through in all you do. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I admire your creativity.

Your last few posts have really resonated with me. Thank you for touching a piece of my soul.

I finished a painting today for a very dear friend. I painted it on top of one of the first acrylics I ever did. A trip back to my creative spirit in a way. And such a joy to immerse myself back into the style of my heart.

For the women in my life, these last few years have brought many battles. Too often it their partner left standing. I'm so lucky to have my creativity, for it has been the best medicine at times when my body has screamed. I've been trying to get back into the habit of blogging again because of the joy it brought to me connecting with other creative souls. It's kind of insane how much it's all exploded in such a short time. I've had a few people in my life comment to me on how I must regret needing to start over and imagine where I could be if only...And I realize that they don't get it from my eyes and from my heart.

I listened at first, started making lists for myself. Goals. And it wasn't long before I was feeling crushed under the expectation. The desire to create was starting to fizzle. Bless my husband for giving me a sharp kick in the behind and a pair of earplugs in the form of the best hug ever. I almost allowed a mask being placed on me to weight me down with the year barely started and my body really in no position to be trying to hold it up. I still plan on sharing my love with whoever finds joy in what I do, but more importantly I'm going to make sure and remember to not just love myself as I already do that. But to nourish that wondrous element within that allows me to create and to let it dance its own crazy dance this year. I think me, myself, and I are going to have a blast reconnecting. I hope your pallete is lustrous and just bursting so very vibrant filled with the pigments of your heart and soul.

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