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September 01, 2013


JoAnna, prayers going your way... been there, 2x and it's no picnic, but God is great and with HIM we can endure anything. May God Bless You today and always. Hang in there and enjoy your art, it's sooo therapeutic. Hugs, Renae in New Mexico

Very well said! I love to work with a media I love to feel I'm in control of something in life. Life can be so rough and so hurtful.

Praying your days ahead are better ones.
Edie Marie

I just wanted to stop by and see how you are faring. been praying for you and all my friends who are having troubles. Including myself.
God be with you,
Marie Antoinette

I can totally relate Joanna! art is true therapy, a gift from God:)

I do the same Joanna. and have been at it these last 2 months mourning loves in our family gone, yet right beside me when I paint or create. you said it so aptly...from pure inspiration, not me. healing times to you lovely lady...we know where to look, not expecting to find...oxox

JoJo, how can I help? have you uplifted in prayers, Sandra

Is there anything specific Jo that we should be praying for right now? Whatever we can pray for as warriors for you, please let us know? You are not in this fight alone sweet lady!

What's making you cry sweetie? I love that painting by the way, just my style.

You've made a beautiful piece that reflects strength and depth.

I thank God for 'the process' of creating, it's amazing what happens within us as we enter that process of creating, spirit to spirit.

Beautiful Joanna, I love it

Beautiful! thank you so much for sharing your heart.
I too, paint/collage when I'm in seems to ease me.
I just realized yesterday that even when I am in my darkest moments and expressing my deepest pain--I always use beautiful, uplifting colors...and most of the time prayerful words or quotes also--it helps me focus on where I want to be until I can get there. XO!

AMEN and AMEN indeed, prayers to God change things! I so love your beautiful blue distraction...blest be

My dear friend, your table looks so inspirational, with all the gorgeous colours, - and I understand you being able to "leave" anxiety ,worries and pain, when working with colours and paint. Pretending to take away all bad and evil, adding new layers instead ,-I know is spiritually positive and will help gathering energy and power !! I love your blue and happy, lovely painted sky- so amazing Joanna .
Love from me-and hopes and wisches .
Your Dorthe

Beautiful blues! Painting is such a good therapy. I'm glad you are honoring that desire. xo

AMEN !!!
Its beautiful and I can relate. You did a wonderful painting and I love the blue, for the Blue Devils.
I had them yesterday.
I love your banner also.
XXOO Marie Antoinette

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