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September 22, 2013


It sounds like an absolutely wonderful time!

Joanna, dearest,
I can see the joy and happy smile in your dear face, and am so happy for you, for what this tour gave of wonderful meetings with friends and family, you had not seen for long!
And what a wonderful night with your old time friend Cathleen- must have been fantastic!
Also your students, I KNOW had the time of their life, being teached by you.
You are in my heart Joanna.
Love you- Dorthe

Joanna, it was so wonderful to see you again and to join in your fabulous class. I had so much fun making that darling bunny doll. Thanks for sharing your techniques and style with us. You're a sweetheart! Please come back to NYC again soon.

Loved this blog post Joanna.. and it was so fabulous to see you .. really a fun afternoon with you... xoxo

So happy for you!!!!

I'm so glad I got to be part of your memories. Hopefully we can make more together!

Wow! NOTHING about this post...disappointed.
I LOVE special trips/times/ moments like this.
YOU know something is going on the heavenlies...just for YOU...and you TRY to explain it, but you cant and you cant...because it was JUST for YOU...
Still, we scream for you...WOW!
Thanks for sharing with us...Laura

thank you for taking us on your east coast journey. i've learned so much more about you and your life. how wonderful to have life long friends as well as your art community ones.

you are so precious.

love your newly designed blog (to me)..

lana cano kloch

Looks like you had a fabulous time, Joanna. Praying for you. Have a wonderful Sunday. Shawn

How cool that you got to make those memories. I envy you for that. Thanks for sharing with us.

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