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September 30, 2013


Do you still live in AZ? IF so, do you teach anywhere? Love your style!

Love Jerome! These pictures bring me right back to that spooky art filled town. I am missing AZ after looking at your photos.

Thanks for sharing,

What a mysterious and wonderfully blue place!
What a feast for the eyes.
It was so lovely meeting you in the spring and hoping you get to New York again before too very long.

What a great place for inspiration! Love all your photos of textures. Your artwork is wonderful, what a talented gal you are. Your travels are so interesting! Tuck me in your suitcase sometime will you?

Blessings, Edie Marie

I was there in May when we visited Sedona. It is really such a cool town. And the artsy galleries! I loved it....more than Sedona, actually.

What a wonderful post, Joanna, I love the photographs and your wanderings through Jerome. I visited there once long ago, and the road up to the town was really scary! I actually started writing a novel about it but set it aside... Love the blue door and especially your haircut, you look so refreshed! xoxo

Love your hair shorter - bet it's easier to take care of. I recently did the same thing. Also, if you get tired of that adorable necklace, I'll give you my address to mail it:?)

I love Jerome. I lived in AZ for 12 years and went there often. It is hard to describe, you simply have to see it for yourself, breathtaking.

I've always been drawn to the wabi sabi of aged beauty -- rust, decay and cracks, especially. Lovely photos, JoAnna.

I went to Jerome once, years ago and loved it. The door photo is my favorite of your beautiful photographs.

Your hair is gorgeous and so is the necklace.
The fairy is so pretty...but what is it laying on.I wish I could go to that towne.I know I would sooo love it.Thank you for sharing your trip with us.
May God Bless,
Marie Antoinette

I love Jerome! Always stop by for a visit if in Sedona.. My parents are in Tucson and often my mom and I will jump in the car and road trip to somewhere over night. I would love to meet you for lunch some day when in Arizona next...I think you and my mother would really hit it off.....and your hair! Wow! You look stunning and at leat 15 yrs younger! Love the cut!

Good for you! I think we all need to take advantage of the places that are in our own backyard.

Awesome pics Jo! Very tempting to pay you a visit! :o)
You look great btw!

Thanks for sharing

I love Sunday drives! We take them quite often. Did you go to Locke when you lived here? I took so many photographs there, chippy buildings, brick, I was in heaven!!!

How far is Jerome from Phoenix? I'll be there in February.


what a fabulous trip .. looks like lots of fun and a really neat town..! thank you for taking us along.. xo

Love the oldness of this town, heaven.
Your fairy necklace is gorgeous.
Glad you had such a lovely time

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