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August 15, 2013


I have NO Idea why I wrote your name as Annie! :-(

Dear Annie,
I am so sorry that I never saw this post from the retreat. I loved each photo and I was so happy to have you come to the reterat! And lets talk about the art you completed- SO lovely. xoxo Lorraine

Found your wonderful blog through Pinterest! I really enjoyed this post because I grew up near Groton,Mystic and New London. I now live in Houston, but I miss New England so. Especially during the holidays. The studio above is GORGEOUS and so me!!

I am a studio artist, art teacher, blogger and etsy shop owner. I would love for you to come visit me sometime. I'll hop over to your fb page right now too.

Linsey at The Farmhouse Porch

I must have missed this my dear, -
but you know how I wish I could have been there, too- with you and Nellie. You are two beautiful souls, and have alwayes both been there for me. I`m so happy you had this beautiful meeting .
Your painting is amazing dearest !!
I send you many loving thoughts Joanna, and all my love.
Your Dorthe

oh joanna what a fabulous time! I do hope they do it again, I fell in love with your photos. and I just love the artists that hosted this event! thank you for sharing your good time for those of us unable to attend!

Heavenly! I knew Lorraine was a sweetheart from her commments in blogland, her talents amaze me!!! I'm so jealous right now ;D Someday I hope to go back this way, with my wings and roots~ Thank you JoAnnA for sharing! @>-------------

What a gorgeous and inspiring place to create in with your friends!

What a lovely time to all had and a most gorgeous place to stay. I wish I could have been around all that great talent. That artwork...WOW! You all are all so beautiful. Thank God for friends. May God keep on blessing all of you,
XXOO Marie Antoinette

Oh my, what an amazing time Joanna. The pictures are just fabulous. I am in love with that studio, I have never seen anything like that. What joy that must have been for you to be with all those ladies creating. Wow. Love it! xoxo

Oh Joanna, this looks like such a beautiful retreat, everything about it comes alive in your photographs. I love the painting that you did especially!!

It looks wonderful.

What a lovely time in such beautiful surroundings. So happy for you. . .

I will cherish our memories together! You rock and I was so blessed to be able to share this with you!!! I can't wait until we do this again!!! I am so thankful that you took pictures, for I was in such awe over everything that I never dug my camera Love your photos! Thanks for sharing them...:) xoxo

Wow! It looks like a wonderful workshop! From the fabulous instructors, to the food, and the location, and the folks you kept company with. I wish I had been there too! And Lorraine's studio!!!! I'm lusting for that table.

I'm glad you had such a great time.


JoAnnA, I've been waiting and watching to see a report of your time at the retreat. This looks fabulous! I'm so glad you were able to go almost straight from AU to Utah. I'm still working on my Dolly Makeover, hoping to finish soon. We have to get together some time! xo Lorie

And all the way to heaven was heaven.

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