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June 29, 2013


Glad to see you prospering in your art work! I just met Nancy today, I now have a little shop in Amador City. A metaphysical shop and starting a healing center upstairs. Hope you are well. Volcano is still the same, hot, dry and dusty this time of year.


I love this! So many great ways to live~ Thank you for sharing :D

Just sending love and hoping you're feeling good and having a fabulous day.
I love you.

Perfect sign and a perfect day to hang it up. :)

What a wonderful sign and I think you are already living this way but it will be a good reminder as you continue your journey. You are such an inspiration to us all and we are lucky to know you :) Hugs and prayers Elaine

Good advice for us all.

Perfect.sign,you do all those things and dance as you do -Love you <3

Dear Joanna,
my thoughts and prayers are with you and Im sending healing thoughts your way!
I have learned so much from you and saddened that you ave to go through any of this, may you be strong and healed coming out the other side a survivor of this dreadful disease!
my love to you my friend:)
Hugs Marilou

Terrific sign.. so perfect for you!

My dearest darling Joanna,
I was feeling so sad reading your message yesterday, -but also uplifted ,seing what you told today, which is a wonderful news!! Both about you , and about Ron!!
And knowing that science every day improves, maybe it will show, that your news about you , will prove to be even better,along the road!!!- I will pray for that, my long time and very dear friend!!!
The above wishes, I think you are already living by--- and doing it wonderfully,- well...maybe the flowers are not growing in your garden, but the fantastic cactuses does!!!- and sweetest heart, you surely do make amazingly art of everything , and will go on doing that!!!
Joanna, I love you, and send my prayers to God.
Blessings dear , and hugs from Dorthe

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