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August 06, 2012


What a pretty piece. Love how you used the Ice Resin. I actually got my application in this year, I almost missed it again, but decided I wasn't going to do that 2 years in a row. :) Thanks for sharing JoAnna! Hugs!

Love Susan too. Nice to chat with you last night pretty lady.


I'm thinking I love this! Love everything about it. Especially that large heart! Now to see more of your blog. So happy to hear you'll be teaching at the Praire. I live in Carmine, wich is maybe 10 miles. Pretty area, and great people. Have fun!

Hello sweet Mossy girl !! Love your beach girl dress.. it's yummy !! and.. you look awesome! your hair got so long and your figure is "petite".. xoxoxo you keep rockin it out pretty lady !!

Jo, you look radiant! LOVE these photos of you. And the dress... ah the dress is fabulous! I LOVE the way the fringe from the cheese cloth is coming up out of the encaustic!!! You never cease to amaze me with your art and creativity!!! XXOO

Hi lovely woman- you looks just wonderful Joanna.
And your girls dress so very gorgeous and lovely, with the heart besel, with resin and the shell- love the encaustic pieces inside. And love the piece in the clip -but can`t read what you wrote there.

It's been a long while since I've commented, but JoAnnA you look amazing! You are thinner and just look really great! Isure hope Ron is doing well at home? I think of you both often. Hope you are enjoying this hot hot summer! Take care my friend!

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