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May 25, 2012


I have Julia's books and have written morning pages for years inspired by Julia and Natalie Goldberg in "Writing Down the Bones" and "Thunder and Lightening." Anne Lammott's books are good, "Plan B" and "Bird by Bird." I carry a Moleskine notebook with me everywhere. My morning pages have turned into anytime pages. So good to release emotion on the page and in my art.

Now I must get that book. I have some of those negative seeds I need to learn to let so of. You said it so well. You've inspired me to work on this. Now to get that book! I hope to take one of your online classes soon. And if you don't mind, I'll put a link on my blog. thanks for the positive vibe this morning....

Your dolls are so beautiful! I, too, let things totally block my creative self and have this aching desire to create at times but just can't get past the sad, bad, or unhappy issues. I have Julia's books on my shelf. Reading your post has reminded me of that and this weekend I will get them down and begin reading again. Have a blessed weekend! :)

Awesome Jo! Let it out, get in touch and trust. We are in school every day. When we graduate, the lessons stop. Enjoy the's all we have.

Looking forwarding to see you soon.

I met you at CHA in LA. Your spirit seemed soft and soaring. Your spirit is in your doll "let love in". That is who I saw at CHA. I call the others "emotional vampires". They can suck the life out of me if I let them. They have their life and I have mine. Love is the answer even for them but they have their own path and love is my path. It has been hard to find the love path but I have finally found it and I have to work to stay on this beautiful, light filled path. I close my eyes and see love and keep striving to see love. Being a creative one is our blessing.........we are so lucky.........only look for the beauty in life.......

...i have found in this creative journey, that there are those that your soul gravitates towards.
no rhyme or reason, just a soul ~ connecting through creative energy.

your blog and your work do that to me ~
i feel a certain sweet sadness to it...not in a negative way, but in a way of real life.
sometimes, life IS hard, and it IS sad...

your dollies have that sweet sadness to them...
when i hold one in my hand, i can't help but feel that although the nitty gritty of life can seem overwhelming at times, there is ALWAYS hope...
IF only we choose to seek it!

i have been following along for a little while, and have felt your up and down journey with your beloved.

~ such a love is this ~


those are the energies your dollies radiate loud and could one of them not call out to you?!

i count myself fortunate to have a glimpse into your lovely world ~ for out of your creative heart in hardship comes much beauty and you always seems to make such pretties out of little
thank you for sharing the bittersweet...
it is refreshing to read realness!


p.s. after reading your post, i immediately headed for amazon and purchased the book you referred to.
a perfect book for a summer read!!

Hello Dear JoAnnA ~ I am loving this post, it is a perfect reminder to get my book out Again~ I read & followed along many years ago, in fact it was at that time when I came up with ZanyMayd! Now I think it is time to get out "The Artist Way" & start practicing it once again~ Always in love with your creations.... So Happy to hear that Arizona is Home! xox

Oh thank you for sharing your journey. I was just asking what has gone wrong! I think this is an answer to prayer I am off to look for this book now thank you again Denise

I know exactly what you mean. I left the people that made me so unhappy way behind me. They are no longer in my life. Everything is so much more positive now.

Your dolls are beautiful. How wonderful to see that your Creativity is dancing for you again.

Dearest Joanna,
No wonder that you now and then feels a bit lost, and unable to find your muse- you have been so many tough years ,and still are, I also -as you know- think you are a brave woman, and strong and beautiful,too. You have inspired me and filled my life with beauty from the first day, I met your blog, and you,- and I treasure our friendship very much.
I wish you a wonderful summer- and am happy for you that Arizone now is HOME, and a palce with dear friends.

You're a tough, brave woman and very gentle and beautiful. You will make it. You will get there.

Every time I look at your work or read your new post I feel inspired to DO SOMETHING and end up working in my studio as well as feeling more confident. You're an inspiration to so many. God's blessings, Diane

OMGosh, I just finished the Artist Way a few months ago. The thoughts that spewed forth while writing my morning pages was incredulous, amazing, hard, heart wrenching and eye opening ...
Just writing the pages was such a healing process for me. And YES! it opens up your world to all kinds of wonderful creativity. Continue to enjoy!

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