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March 07, 2012


Your work is amazing. I'm off to check out your Etsy.
BEAUTIFUL bracelet.

Love the bracelet JoAnnA---it kinda matches my eyes--thought I should throw my name in the hat!! Love to you...

Congratulations!! Yes, here's to 10,000 more! Your bracelet is absolutely beautiful and so very soulful. Very touching and meaningful and gorgeous, all in one piece. You really put -yourself- into it... the most sacred part of art making.

Best Wishes,

Hi Joanna, love the bracelet and would love a chance to win it. Thanks

Hi JoAnna - I love the bracelet. Hope it finds its way to my home. Congrats about being in Seth's book and on the Resin team. It's about time good things came your way. You are so deserving.

amazing work, would love to wear your art!!!!

Your work is so amazing! I am in love with all of it. Here's to many more Etsy sales!!

Congratulations! Your work is beautiful. Count me in :)

I'm inspired to create something beautiful!!! Gorgeous piece!!

I am keeping my fingers and crossed!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win one of your awesome works of art!

Sandy xox

Hi Joanna-
I bought a lot of your first peices on Ebay-- and I still have them all to admire...

congratulations Joanna on your sales! I love this bracelet and would love to win it!

Wonderful give away, congrats on 1000 sales. Throw my name in the hat.
Hugs Jackie

Beautiful creations JoAnn, so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. Blessings my talented friend:) Hugs Marilou

Congratulations Joanna! I treasure all of the pieces that I have purchased from you! I love the bracelet! Thanks for the giveaway)

congrats!!! that is an awesome bracelet!!!

Hello !!! Now that I followed the instructions to say that ..... Gorgeous bracelet..... Love your blog and creations... congrats on your sales !!!

i will follow you anywhere...xoxo

just love your look-would be thrilled to win a bracelet and I found your blog through altered page-can't wait to get the book!

Came by from Seth's blog and I am so glad to have found your site! Such beautiful creations! Your jewelry looks like they have a history! Patsy from HeARTworks

Congratulations!I just love your work. The bracelet is beautiful. Keep up the amazing work.

What a lovely bracelet! Thank you for the opportunity to win, and congratulations on your milestone sale! :)

Hello. I'm visiting from Seth's blog. I just bought The Pulse. Very cool. I love the bracelet and the bottle art. Would like to enter the give away for the bracelet. Thanks.

I've not had a chance to use that Ice Resin yet, but your bracelet looks awesome. I would be honored to win it.

I can see the genuine friendship between you and Seth. The way the two of you describe each other is amazing. Friendships like that come along so infrequently, but it sounds like Seth nurtures them more than others.

1000 sales = FABULOUS!!! Your work continues to delight & inspire me! Peace & Blessings, Emily. XOXO

Wow, so far 117 entries. That is wonderful. Thank you all for your kind words. Can't wait to find out the winner. xooxo jo

Hello Joanna,
I am amazed by your work. I feel as if I know you by Seth's wonderful description of you and by looking at your art. The emotion and passion shows...and I would be honored to win the bracelet and have that energy hanging on my wrist. I will certainly follow your blog. So happy Seth introduced you to me.

Wonderful giveaway-have followed your work for yrs!

I came here from Seth's blog, and have discovered a wonderful artist. That's very exciting about your 1000th sale, and I'd be even more excited if I won the bracelet!

1000 sales..Wow, where oh where does the time go? I would love love to win this beautiful bracelet. Your work, as always, is stunning.

Congrats on your 1000th Etsy sale. I had only had one in 6 months so that is just a little discouraging. Thanks for a chance to win this beautiful bracelet.
Aloha, Kate

Met you through Seth Apter's blogpost of your particpation in his book. Wonderful to meet you, and amazing that you have sold 1,000 items on Ebay. Wow, that seems like such an overwhelming number.

Yes, here is to 1000 more and more! Congrats!

I've been wanting to try resin for some time. Love the things you do!

I want it, I want it! Beautiful Art!

Hello! Your work is magical. Thank you for sharing.

Just plain gorgeous!

I would love to go in the draw for such a beautiful work of art, thanks JoAnnA. Now if I can only get in to your etsy shop I will be happy, don't know what happened.... Congrats on 1000th, may you have many more!

I am shamelessly putting in a bid for the beyond beautiful giveaway. It would be amazing to even just see it for real, never mind owning it! I could look around in here for a very LONG time, congratulations on 1000th sale and may you have many many more.

Congratulations on 1000 sales! No wonder though, your art is just fabulous. The bracelet is beautiful. I'm off now to read more of your posts and visit your Etsy shop.

Hi Joanna,i was lucky enough to come across your blog via Seth's The Altered Page, and now i'm so glad because i've been considering joining Etsy, and now you've inspired me to do it. So thank you for sharing your art, your life and your work ♥ Janine

I do love the work you do, never would have found you if I had n't happened upon Seth's Altered Page.

I love the little shoes I bought from you on Etsy. I wish I could wear them myself. I'd love to have something of yours, maybe I'll win. So sorry about your Mother-in-law. God bless, Diane

Love your bottle art & it would be fabulous to win one of your bracelets, thanks ;)

Well, I just left a comment on your Seth Apter "31 Words" question post, but I may as well throw my hat in the ring for the bracelet, as well. It's very beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity to win a piece of your wonderful art!

Congrats on your 1000th exciting! Thanks for the great opportunity to win this beautiful bracelet, I love it!

Visiting from Seth's blog where he introduced you today (the 14th). I've loved browsing your blog and enjoying your talents. All the best to you!

Hello there Joanna, just found your blog via Seth's. Wow and a chance to win one of your wonderful pieces!!!!! Congratulations on your sales, but I'm sure anyone that owns a piece, takes a little piece of you with them? Here's to the next 1000......

Always beautiful work, Joanna. Inspiring. I believe this one has my name on it!

congratulations you work is beautiful and obviously loved - yes please!!

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