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April 14, 2013


They're gorgeous Joanna everyone of them. Delicious fabrics and laces. Love the romantic vintage look and soft colours. The heart is a piece of artwork in itself, beautiful! Hugs and wonderful day, Wendy

Your tool belts are stunning! I am in awe of your creations!

These are beautiful! I'm glad you found more supplies!


This post, featuring textural utilization and combinations that can only be conceived in a soul as creative as yours, is inspirational as always. My next comments are not as apropos, so please forgive my using this venue.

I have found images on your blog that made me giggle or sigh or feel like shedding a tear - but consistently, they elicit emotion and transport me into a different way of thinking. I have pinned some of them to one of my Pinterest boards. Let me say, I'm fairly new to Pinterest, and have found it to truly be a new world - finding art and thought that I would not have found on my own. I've happily danced around in this world, enjoying the beauty and repinning.

A few years ago, I became acquainted with a photojournalist who writes a fantastic blog that includes original photography from her extensive international travels. Over the past few days, I have read several blogs she has written in which she expresses her extreme outrage at her work being "pinned" without her permission. Once pinned, then, it has taken on a life of its own, being repinned, often without credit. She is incensed that people would take images from her blog.

This era, where electronic images are so widely available and shared - and it seems illegally appropriated - opens up all kinds of challenges and questions. For myself, it never occurred to me to try to ascertain original sources of some of the things I have repinned to get permission. I thought of my boards as a personal collection of images that created beautiful escape for me, and enhanced my creativity.

As I mentioned, I am so inspired by your creations - not to recreate, but launch my own creativity. I do not create in the same media which you usem, but I'm elevated and transported by them. They are freeing and audacious and often outrageous in their freedom.

This is a very LONG way of asking my question - how do you feel about having images of your dolls or other creations "pinned," and would you like to be contacted each time they are pinned or repinned? What are your thoughts? I SO appreciate your input.

Hi my sweet...
and you being particular in what to use, in your gorgeous creations, is what makes them one of a kind alwayes ,and something so amazing. They are the most beautiful belts ever seen!!
Thank`s for the news letter, I was starting to wonder,how I could answer it, so am happy to see this post, dearest Joanna. The heart is unbeliavable stunning!

Thanks for your Newsletter JoAnnA - I'd certainly be joining in some of your workshops if I lived anywhere near you and not oceans in between.
Love your lacey belts because I too love to create with vintage and antique lace pieces and anthing remotely related.
Nice to see you back blogging!
Wishing you health and happiness!

You seem to have found yourself. I am so glad you are blogging again and having such a wonderful time on your travels. I am enjoying reading about your adventures.

These are beautiful designs. Happy to see your newsletter arrive in my inbox today.


Jo, these are all just beautiful. I absolutely cannot wait to wear mine. Goooooorgeous my friend, gorgeous!

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