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January 05, 2013


Very inspiring! I am going to get my camera out as soon as I finish this comment. Love seeing the snippets of your studio, make me want to visit.


What a fun exercise - I am going to try this. This is my first time visiting you...I popped over from the ice resin site : ) A lovely blog.....I love your style so I will be back!!

Hi my friend,
I got captured by this experiment too and pohtoed a couple of things at home.
Eva Agnes

I don't need to try this around my home because I have found a ton of inspiration from the photos of your home! Each and every one!

Sometimes it's just hard to "shut the brain down" and get some z's! You put it to work at 2 a.m....very creative! Thanks for sharing a piece of your world. I want to try this. dix---

What a beautiful array of images and textures!

Oh what a wonderful glimpse of your home!

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your post today, and more importantly your site. I do not have to time to comment as much as I'd like to on each days share. I read blogs in a reader and not on the site to comment. I appreciate you taking the time to share with us.
I have been blogging for 4 years now and know how much dedication it takes. I wanted to share with you my new site. I think it is
something you might enjoy. I work with my own photography and vintage scans. I also work in jewelry design, home decor and of course.... gardening.

Here is my new site for my Vintage Inspired Artwork...

And my original site that focuses on my own photography and projects, Creative Country Mom... My home and gardening site, where I share tutorials, crafts, decor and lots of gardening ideas.

Many blessings....Brooke


I'll have to do this!!! Such beauty, Joanna!!!


What a jolly good idea.Will try it myself next time I cant sleep. Which is quite
Now "Go to bed "
Only 10.55pm here.

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