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December 07, 2012


I love how you preserved this dragonfly in time... so you can see her beautiful structure forever. And I love how you scratched the resin and stained it to look old. I haven't worked with resin before...

Awesome, Joanna!!

Hi Joanna,
The last few summers, while in my pool, a blue dragon fly - usually one, but sometimes 2, hover just above my head or my grandsons' heads. A couple of years ago I stuck out my index finger as a perch, and it landed on my finger! Fortunately my grandsons saw this magical event. This past summer there were two and I stuck out both index fingers and they both landed! I'm glad my husband was with me because no one would have believed it. They are amazingly beautiful, delicate creatures. If I ever find one as you did, I will attempt to do something like this. Thank you for sharing! - Meryl.

You took something already so beautiful and made it even more so!

Really cool Joanna, nice work.

This is really beautiful! I especially like the addition of the scratches--great idea! Since you soldered it afterward, what did you use for a bezel?

Thanks for sharing!


Looks Great, Joanna...!!

Absolutely gorgeous - especially the thinking behind it. Diane

Truly beautiful!

Beautiful, Jo!

Beautiful, Jo!

Absolutely beautiful!

An amazing piece of art from above and from you my dear Joanna.
Yes they are stunning little insects, and you captured the beauty wonderfully-in the soldered resin piece.
It must look fantastic in a sunfilled window-
Love you,Dorthe

I have to say this is one of the most beautiful things I have seen anyone do with a Dragonfly.
God entrusted his creation to become a part of your creativity. Perfect!!

Dragonflies have a special place in
my heart.

Warm hugs,


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