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June 07, 2012


hi glad i dropped by! your new art is fabulous!would love to join you and the group in Coronado, haven't been there but know it will be awesome! sounds like a great date nite for you and Ron! and i know you are looking forward to seeing the ocean, hugs and blessings coming your way! zanne

There is nothing like having good friends.
Your drawings are so lovely.
Have a safe trip and have fun.
Marie Antionette

Okay, this explains the were definitely meant to move in this direction. I'm not surprised you are brilliant at it since everything you create is from the heart and superb! YOU GO GIRL! I love your drawings and can't wait to see more.
I'm looking forward to seeing you in Coronado soon. I need to give you a big hug. Much appreciation that you are in my life. You always inspire me.

JoAnna - So glad to "hear" your happiness. Hotel Del Coronado is my very favorite place on earth. It is magical. Hope you have a great time there. xoxo Meryl

I so wish I could join you guys at the beach. That is going to be a wonderful time. Would so love to meet you in person someday. Have a wonderful time!

I love what you've been nice to finally get by to see it all...Blessings hon...(((hugs)))

my heart is rejoicing with you JoAnnA as you move out of the shadowed valley into the glorious sunlight, and bask in thankfulness and blessings. it's about time, right!?
may the week ahead at the ocean pour healing and joy through your soul. wish i could be there and hope someday to meet and share in the fulness of the Spirit.
our God reigns...and LoVe always rules!!
xo abigail

Joanna, So happy for you. Between visiting friends, a new creative outlet, and excitement of a night out with your man; you have a renewed spirit. Love your faces!
Hope xo

Love the photos. Your drawings and paintings look wonderful. Time spent with friends is always invigorating and joyful. Have a wonderful time at Cirque.

Beautiful art... I always enjoy visiting your blog.

So So happy for the wonderful week you had. I would so love to come to California for one of your classes. I can't, but I know we will meet in person one day! I am LOVING your drawing lately. I've been practicing drawing faces lately also. I'm such a novice at it, but I'm enjoying the process. I'm learning with Pam Carriker. HuGGs! Deb

Dearest Joanna, I love your happy "voice" in this post , you so deserves the beautiful hours with old and new friends, and I would be with you on the beach if I have had the possibility!
I wish you and Ron the happiest of hours watching the Cirque du soleil.
Your faces are fantastic my friend, they looks like you have been drawing for years!
Love you and sends hugs.

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