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April 08, 2012


Big smiles back at you sweetie. Lots of prayers going out to you and Ron. Prayers for strength and healing. I know it's a tough time. Big hugs!

My thoughts are with you both, sending hope and prayers. Isabelle

Praying for you and Ron. Keep smiling!

of course i will! and you and ron are always in my prayers! xo

Sending you love and prayers for strength and healing. Your post was wonderful!

I want you to know that I went out and bought this devotional. Mine was falling apart and your post touched me so. I'm keeping both you and Ron in my prayers. Blessings, Diane

Joanna, my prayers are with you and Ron. I have followed your Blog almost since the beginning and you are my biggest inspiration, both in art and in LIFE! I could not keep the positive outlook that you have kept for so long. May God give you and Ron the strength now that you need for THIS DAY.

I will call you tomorrow. Sending love in the meantime, understanding and deep admiration for the strength and courage you and Ron have in this challenging time. God is good and there is only the perfect result. Stay strong and trust.
Much love,

I'm sending up a prayer for both Ron and you, dear one. Thank you for the reminder to be thankful for the thorns, and for smiles.

So sorry to hear about this new problem with Ron's health. It seemed that your move to AZ had been a turn around for the turmoil and difficulty you two had been through. I'm glad you've had as much time as there's been to just relax, soak up the sun and make art, and I hope it has renewed your strength for handling this latest trial.

JoAnnA, I am so glad you posted an update about Ron. I know from past posts that you are reluctant to do this sometimes. But you know your longtime friends and followers appreciate it. I hope the best for Ron and am sending my prayers and many smiles to you both.

Hi Joanna, I have only just started following your blog so I don't know the background but my thoughts are with you both. Every time I smile I will think of your Ron and say a small prayer.

smiles and hugs

Sending a smile and positive thoughts.

Thank you for the reminder- to turn toward Him! To smile when we can. To be grateful. I work with a lot of cancer patients, a lot of dialysis patients, and each day I am reminded that I am very lucky. I hope the very best for you and Ron.

Sending you and Ron smiles and hope.


i too sister so relate and am impacted by this post and scriptures....may He turn our mourning into dancing and throw off our sackcloth. this too shall pass and His grace is sufficient to empower you to go through this, another dark valley.
blessings of healing, peace and smiles~

Your post is such a blessing to me this morning. Actually, YOU are a blessing to me! Prayers continue.... xxoo

Sweetie, I am so sorry to hear this. I hope you are coping ok. Screw anyone with negative thoughts/words, we simply do not need them in our lives. If you give in to them, then they win. You keep posting about Ron and we out here who love you and what you do, well, we will listen and support you both. Hoping only for the best for you both. :D

Yes, I do join you and thank the Lord for any tiny thing we are now still able to do and offer, especially smiles. And remember: happiness doesn't depends on what happens to you (everyone includind kings and princesses of all sorts have issues) but only on how you react and how you turn them out. Which is another version of the preacher's words. And also forgiveness is a great source of happiness, though it is hard to go through!
Hugs ans comforting kisses

Dearest Joanna, thankyou for this beautiful post-both your own words, and the verses-
I hope you can travel only with warm hearthed people on this difficult journey- and I hope Ron will soon be able to send you a smile again-thankyou dearest for reminding us of this so very importent way of comunicating with each other.
Hugs and smiles from Dorthe

i will be keeping Ron in my thoughts and smiling just for you...:)

This is a very powerful and moving post Joanna. The Lord saw that you needed these words right now. Hold on to them. I will have both you and Ron in my prayers. Diane

Such a beautiful post, Joanna. It is times such as these when it is hardest to find faith, and yet you've expressed yourself so beautifully.

I signed up for a class with you in October in Connecticut. Looking forward.

Thoughts and prayers are going out to you!!

Oh Joanna---God bless you and Ron. My heart and my prayers are with you both!

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