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February 02, 2012


It was fun, meeting everyone, to say the least. I came home a bit under-the-weather, but posted some photos from your birthday dinner...hope those three-candle-wishes came true! Hugs...see you again, soon, I hope!

Well didn't you just have a spectacular birthday!!! You were surrounded by wonderful creative souls, were lavished with gifts and got to share your art with others. Happy belated birthday to you JoAnnA. You look great in the your off-the-shoulder sexy thing you!


So happy you had a fabulous birthday spent with exciting friends and opportunities. Wished that I could have shared a moment of it with you.
Best always,

My friend it was amazing spending time with you after all of these years of knowing each other we finally met and it was wonderful. You are a true treasure.


Hi JoAnna, what a surprise to look at your blog and see a picture of myself and the hearts. You are such a wonderful person. I am glad you had such a great birthday and what a way to spend it at CHA with such great artists.

Hi sweetheart, you are looking so happy, and so beautiful, dearest Joanna, -and what a wonderful birthday you have had there among friends and fellow artists. Your gifts are stunning , and the photoes from CHA so gorgeous, and inspirering.
Here I am burried in snow- beautiful-but very cold and unpractical :)
Love you Joanna.
(hope you saw my birthday greeting to you in my last comment :) )

Happy Belated Birthday to you! What beautiful and special gifts from Kristen and Denise! Treasures to remember a lifetime!

Vivi Magoo Presents

A late Happy Birthday JoAnnA, You recieved some beautiful creations and it's lovely that you had a chance to meet these girls. Blessings, Diane

Sounds like it was a happy and very inspiring time! I'm so happy for you!

Happy Birthday! What treasures! The friends being the best of them!

Happy belated Birthday... to You JoAnnA,
sorry I missed it, sounds like it was an Exciting & Happy one..... How is the weather in Arizona been? bet the winters are totally different then in Cali... we are having a totally mild winter here, only 4" of snow so far, Not 40" + and 2 days this week it was in the 50's ~ Can't wait for Spring time....
Miss Ya

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