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December 28, 2011


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Love, love, love Willow!!!!

Such a princess!!! she captured my heart as she looks like my very first dog, Peanut. I got her when I was 3 and she lived to 17yrs old eating only human food, she didn't like dog food :) she was a chi crossed with toy manchester terrier, they look identical. I pray for an exceptionally long, happy healthy life for your little Willow and may she bless your life as much as my little Peanut blessed my life. Happy to be back to blogland after disappearing for the last few years or so. I'm in the process of opening my dream shop after years of dreaming about it it's finally coming true. So I'm believing this is God's will for me and that it will be successful and I'll be blessed to be able to create everyday for a living, WOW, I still feel like I'm dreaming. God bless you JoAnnA

She is adorable! Congrats on the new family member!
Happy New Year to you n' yours~ (((hugs)))

she is precious! you'll have so much fun with her and she'll bring so much sunshine to your lives!

Willow is adorable! She will be a happy pooch!

Love her name, and she is beautiful. I am sure she is going to have the best home ever. Happy New Year!

Congratulations!!! When can I meet her? Hope you have time soon to get together again!
Hugs, Margo

what a perfect little addition to your family. Enjoy, Enjoy and spoiler her, she worth it!

Oh, Willow is so sweet.... I think she will loved being spoiled by both You & Ron ~ Here's to a wonderful 2012~

Hello WILLOW!! You are the cutest baby and so lucky!!!

I have to send you a hug for rescuing a shelter dog.... bless you for that. She is precious, happy for you and her !

Big congrats for Willow. She's adorable! Spoil her silly and she'll love it.

Happy and healthy New Year to you, Ron and Willow!

Awwwwww JoAnna she is precious!! We got a rescue dog last year and she is the most affectionate animal I have ever had. She is literally my shadow and would love to be a lapdog, but being predominantly Rhodesian Ridgeback she's just a spot too big for that :-)
Happy New Year

Hellooo Willoooowwww! OH she's so cute! Theres no way i would have the patience to raise a puppy again. No more housebreaking for me. :) Good luck with that. At 6 months hopefully she came to you a little housebroken at least........

Okay, I want to come and see her. What a little darling. I had a little black Chihuahua growing up. She looks just like her. What a special addition to your family. I hope you post a pic with her in the new sweater.

How wonderful that you adopted Willow! I can tell she's going to be totally in love with you by the time you get this comment. Merry, Merry, Happy, Happy!

winking right back at ya' willow. you've been adopted by a great family. be good to joanna and ron. love, your auntie connie

She is soooo pretty! I'm so happy she has come to live with you!

Pretty soon everything will fall into place with Willow. You will love having a little dog. I used to think dogs had to be big, my last two have been small and they're just as smart as the big ones. Blessings on your life with her, I hope it's long and beautiful. Diane

She is SO cute!!! Of course you have more room in your heart for a new puppy. There's always more love... it multiplies and stagnates if we don't have somewhere to send it to!!! Love and Blessings to the three of you!

OH my- she is so beautiful, dearest Joanna-congratulations with her. I love the name you choosed ,and her pink collar,- she is truly a real princess- and so loved , -she will love you back- and be so happy staying with you both.
What a wonderful way,to start the new year, with a new friend. I wish you all 3 ,the most happines possible, and everything good for 2012.
Love you. Dorthe

Awww she's adorable. So glad you found a new friend to fill your heart. Happy New Year!

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